Electronic Dartboard Reviews

Do you love to play darts? Then you might know that there is now the electronic dartboard that you can purchase. This is making playing darts even more fun.

The problem is that there are now a couple of different electronic dartboards that you can purchase. And, you need to make sure that you are purchasing the best one you can afford. With these dart board reviews, you will be able to choose the best one, and you will know which ones are recommended and which aren’t. This is everything you need to know about these dartboards.

VIPER 777 Electronic Dartboard

electronic dart board reviews 2018

The first dartboard and one of the best dartboards on the market is the Viper 777 electronic dartboard. This is a really colorful dartboard that is colored in red, blue and white. Making sure that you can see the scores correctly.

You can choose to play with the board by battery or by power. Making sure that you always can play darts with friends and family. With the Viper, you can choose between 43 different games and has 320 different options. You will never get bored with the same game, over and over again.

Pros of the dartboard

  • Can choose between battery or power
  • Darts stick well on board
  • Can be used by beginners or professional players
  • The high-quality board that is made to last

Cons and problems of the Viper 777

  • It is on the more expensive side
  • Not really suitable for younger people to play with

FAT CAT 727 Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat 727 might not look as great as the Viper but is just as great. It has a catchy ring to ensure that the missed darts won’t fall and get damaged. The board is black, red and green.  This board is only battery operated.

There are six darts that are included with this dartboard. The Fat Cat offering 18 different games and 96 different options to make playing fun. The price of this electronic dartboard isn’t that expensive as well.

Pros of the Fat Cat 727

  • You have a variety of games to choose from
  • It has a 13-inch face
  • This is a great dartboard for beginners to learn on
  • The board is able to keep an accurate score

Cons and problems to consider about this dartboard

  • It is mostly for beginners and children
  • The dartboard only has basic features
  • The dartboard is only battery operated

Franklin Sports FS1500

electronic bristle dartboard reviews

If you want to have a dartboard that is completely different from the rest, then the Franklin sports FS1500 is the board to consider. Not only does it have light options, but it also has sound and voice effects. Making it fun to use.

The dartboard comes with 6 darts and six tip replacements for when the tips break. It has large score numbers to make sure that you can see the scores from across the room. Great price for this dartboard.

Pros for the Franklin Sports

  • It comes with different games, to make gaming fun
  • The board is easy to use and easy to set up
  • Great for families who just want to have fun

Cons and problems with the dartboard

  • Not a large variety of games available
  • More for family fun, and not for professional play


arachnid electronic dart board reviews

The Arachnid dart game cricket pro 900 is known as one of the best dartboards you can purchase. It has all the features you are looking for, and it is at a great price range. This is a dartboard that is designed for more beginner gameplay as for professional gameplay.

You can play with 7 of your friends, and you have a variety of 8 games and 48 options to choose from. It also has a voice feature where it calls for the next player. Making sure that you never miss your turn again. Great for a night with friends and family. Everything that you will need is included.

Pros about the Arachnid dartboard

  • 15.5″ target face for better gameplay
  • Voice feature to announce players and the score
  • Great for the bar or just for having family fun
  • Not as expensive as what you might think

Cons of the dartboard

  • Not for professional play
  • Comes with only 8 games
  • Need to have large space for playing

When you are considering purchasing an electronic dartboard for your home, you might need to read as many reviews as possible. There are so many different electronic dartboards that you can purchase that it is easy to purchase the wrong one. These are the reviews that include the pros and cons of the best electronic dartboards on the market at the moment. Giving you an idea about which dartboard you should choose.

By reading these reviews, you will not purchase something that you won’t use as often, or that won’t be exactly what you and your family needs.

How to Keep Bears Away From the Campsite

Camping can be really fun, until you have an uninvited guest, like a bear, at your campsite. Then, it isn’t as fun anymore. Any type of bear can be dangerous at campsites, where there is food involved. This is why you should make sure that if you are camping in bear country, that you know how to keep bears away from your campsite.

If you don’t know how to keep bears away from your campsite, you are going to ruin your camping trip and you are going to put your family’s safety at risk.

These are everything you need to know about camping in bear country and some great tips on how to keep bears away from your campsite.

Why Are Bears a Danger to Campsites in Bear Country?

how to keep bears away from your campsite

The first thing that you might be wondering, is why are bears such a danger to campsites when you are camping in bear country?

You need to know that bears are always looking for food. And, that they have a great sense of smell. That they can smell food from miles away. Meaning that they will follow the scent and get to your campsite. This is why there are so many bears bothering campers at campsites. Because of the food, and the smell of food.

What Attracts Bears to Campsites in the First Place?

It is essential to know what attracts bears to the campsite in the first place. It isn’t the fires, the people, and even the disturbance in the woods. It’s the smell of food.

This is one thing that you need to remember. That if you are camping in bear country, and you are preparing food, that no matter how far you are from bears, they will smell the food. They have a good sense of smell. And, this is the mistakes that people are making because of the food, that is getting the attention of bears and bear attacks at campsites. Leaving food unattended, or making sure that bears can get their hands on the food at the campsite.

Know What Food Will Get the Attention of a Bear

how to keep black bears away from campsite

What food can you have at your campsite that will get the least amount of attention from bears? And, what food should you rather leave at home, when you are camping in bear country?

Any food that has a delicious smell, when you are preparing it should be left at home. For example, bacon, fish or steak. This is food that has a great smell when you are cooking it, and the smell is going on for miles. Getting the attention of bears for sure. If you want to prepare these meals, you should prepare these meals at home, and just reheat it at the campsite.

If you think that your sweet food items are going to be safe, then you should think again. Bears have a sweet tooth, and they will enjoy a sweet or two. They aren’t pros in finding honeycombs for nothing.  This doesn’t mean that you should not take these foods with you when camping. It just means that you should be creative in preparing and storing these items.

Never Leave Food Unattended

Never leave your food unattended.  Not even for one minute. You will be surprised how fast a bear will come into the campsite and steal your food, and ruin your campsite. Make sure that you eat and clean up your campsite before you are going anywhere.

Something else that you should consider, is that you should always prepare just enough food, for one serving. Never leave leftover food for the next day. The smell will get the attention of bears. No matter how great you are storing it.

Store Food Away From Bears Reach

how to keep bears away from camping

This is the secret in having a great time in bear country, without starving to death. Storing food away from bears reach and smell. This means that you might want to store your food, making use of a bear hang, or you should use containers that are child-proof. Really hard to open, for bears as well.

Odor-proof bags are useful when you are camping in bear country. These odor-proof bags ensure that your food will not leave a great-tasting odor when it is stored. The bears will not be able to catch the smell of the food, and it can be stored in normal containers.

You can camp in bear country, without getting any visits from bears that will ruin your campsite and your camping trip. The secret is to know how to keep them away. The main tip is to make sure that they don’t catch any smell of food from your campsite. There are different ways on how you can keep the smell of your food away from bears. And, to make sure that your food storage units can’t be opened easily.

With these tips, you will have a great time, even in bear country, without the danger of getting nasty visits from bears.